BATTERY recycling



With the development of electric vehicles involving lithium ion batteries as energy storage devices, the demand for lithium ion batteries in the whole industry is increasing, which is bound to lead to a large number of lithium ion batteries in the problem of waste, recycling and reuse.

Due to the complex assembly process of LIBs and the wide variety of electrodes, it brings great danger for the recovery of battery. The explosion, combustion and poisonous gas brought on the recovery process are easy to cause casualties. To reduce this risk, spent LIBs usually need to be discharged before recycled.


Recycling battery components is extremely important, both from a materials standpoint and an environmental one. Not only do we use and reuse the battery itself by charging and discharging it, at the end of its life it can be taken apart and the components recycled to make new batteries.

We have created a circular economy throughout the battery industry, which is both unique and exciting. It’s really about optimizing the recycling process for each battery type to guarantee the circular economy is cost effective from every different standpoint.

ADR Transportation

Lithium-Ion batteries are classed as dangerous goods. When transported, dangerous goods need to be packaged correctly to comply with international and national regulations for each transport mode, to ensure they are carried safely.

With today’s increasing awareness of safety, security and environmental challenges, road transport operators and drivers must comply with existing and anticipated regulations. They also need to be familiar with the latest technologies and standards that address these key issues.


At UK Cell Recycling we have a dedicated team of experts who can complete a consultancy survey for you. We can offer advice on all recycling aspects of lithium-ion batteries. This includes the storage, transportation and dismantling of batteries. 

We have the required tools and expert team to help you find the solution that suits you. Where this be monthly collections or a one of collection, we have got you covered